Don't you love when you make a pact with your best friend and stick to it?

Though it took a while for Morgan to warm up to me (she thought my belly shirts were too scandalous. I would like to point out that it was 2002 and I thought I was Britney Spears) our friendship flourished over our mutual love for Beyoncé and Brit.  A couple years later, we made a plan to take a Ten-Year-Best-Friends-Anniversary Trip, when we'd be *gasp* 23 years old! 

Fast forward to 2012:  OK, so we missed the technical mark by a few months. I'm in LA, she's in NYC.  When I'm free she's busy, when she's free I'm busy. Both of our birthdays passed and we're now 24, but the year is still not over.

The main thing we were looking for on our "honeymoon" was easy, mellow, one-on-one girl time.  We wanted to avoid the whole Atlantis mega-resort vibe, so we rented an adorable little two-person cottage on Eleuthera, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a private deck on the beach. Eleuthera is a 110-mile long, skinny island that slices through the big blue rough Atlantic on the east and the calm turquoise Caribbean on the west.  It's known as "Family Island" and most definitely lived up to it's name.  Our rental car was handed over with a handshake ("Just leave the money at my shop in Palmetto. Today, tomorrow, whenever.") The locals we met were nothing but welcoming and kind.  There's lots of diving, snorkeling and surfing to be done, but we mostly just tanned, talked and made up for lost time. For the most part we had the beaches entirely to ourselves.

Our car. We named her Greige, because she's neither grey nor beige.
pink sand, Harbor Island
beaches in every direction on Harbor Island
Atlantic side of Glass Window Bridge
Caribbean side of Glass Window Bridge