Remember when I made that awning a while back? I totally forgot to show off the latest addition... A 'wall'! It really encloses the patio to make a real room. Suddenly my apartment's doubled in size!
It was a big job. Not technically so difficult, but it's the first time I've made something to this scale.  I actually burned out my machine. It just stopped working on the last seam. Always the last one... It took some calculations and a lot of measuring to figure out exactly how much fabric I needed, but with some help from the terrific Marlene at Lincoln Fabrics I figured it out and made a pattern. (Another BIG job. You need a lot of floorspace.)

Just another day at the office. PS- This was December.
Quite a fashionable pattern courtesy of the Last Magazine. Is it bad that I was parading around the fabric store with this thing flashing boobs everywhere?

Ta-Da! The final product. I've actually added grommets to that diagonal bit and tied twelve linen bows that close it off, but didn't take any photos. But the good news is, no more creepy neighbors!


I have a confession... When I was 10 or 11, I got me and my BFF Valerie t-shirts that said "POWDER PRINCESS" in giant sparkly blue letters. (Don't make fun! That's not even the confession part...) If I still had it I'd have worn it today under all my clothes, because the snow was SO MUCH FUN!

couldn't see my skis most of the day.

Though these storms have been quite a nuisance to many across the country, I really could not be more delighted. There were 7" of snowfall reported this morning, but it didn't stop snowing all day. By the end, we were skiing in knee-deep powder in some parts.  We must have gotten at least a foot in the past 24 hours! Some kids got to skip school, others spent today waiting for delayed flights, I spent the day practicing my rebound retraction. That's what you get for skiing with two former instructors.  Gotta say though, I feel like I'm skiing better than ever before.  The helmet helps the fearlessness. Also, boot warmers.
I'm pooped from today. Curling up by the fire and checking out this funny book from 1967... The instructions are split into three groups: 'If you are a gifted or bold skier,' 'If you are a cautious skier,' and 'If you are a very cautious skier.'


Today's view from the top of Dealer's Choice (mah fave run!)