I love the Eurostar. Just 2 hours from Paris and you can be in a whole other world. And in that world live my dear friends Rebecca and Tom, whom I hadn't seen since Burning Man last year. When I called them a week ago to announce my visit, they planned a trip to their friend Simon's house in the Lake District in Northern England.  I was so excited at the news, and it's not that I don't like London, it's just exciting to go somewhere new rather than the same tired old clubs...

It took only 2h45 to get there from London.  I wish we had a better train system in the states. It makes traveling so much easier, and I find it so much more romantic.

As EVERYONE pointed out on the trip, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Apparently it rains 300 days a year here, quite the opposite from the 300 days of sunshine I'm used to in LA. Tom made sure to tell me that Sunday it was 21°C in Windemere and it was 24°C in LA that very same day.

on the train ride up
the sweetest pirate I've ever met!
Tom, Bex, Simon, Chris, Helen, Sam... Thanks for the fun times!
our trusty vessel
Mama swan and her ducklings... swanlings?

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