This is a couch I found on craigslist. It's faux suede and pretty terrible looking, but it laid flat and was the perfect length to fit into a nook on the other side of my patio.  I went for it, figuring I would throw something pretty over it, but when the couch arrived it was just a few inches too wide. So, with the help of my friend Anthony, we ripped off one side of the armrests and MADE it fit.

Now, I've decided to move it to the other side and lay it flat as a daybed. Thing is, not many places make slipcovers for my newly customized shape, so I did it myself using a beautiful Ikat fabric.

When Tessa suggested we make Indian food last night, I knew exactly who to turn to... Manjula's Kitchen.  I discovered Manjula after I came back from India last year with spices and chickpea flour and was convinced I was going to make Indian food every day (which I didn't). Anyway, one trip to Whole Foods and a newly stocked spice cabinet later, we were cooking up Indian food like it was no big deal. She makes it so easy, all you really need are the right spices.  We made chana masala (chickpeas), baingan bharta (eggplant), raita, cauliflower, brown basmati rice, roti, and steak (which is very un-Indian but whatever I'm vegetarian), along with some naan, chutney, and some Indian beers... What a FEAST.


The way she prepares the eggplant here blows my mind. It becomes so soft and creamy and is cooked with zero oil.

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