This is so ridiculously simple that it's silly NOT to plant one every time you eat one. Here in Panama we've been eating them about every other day, so I've started a little pineapple garden on the side of the house. The great thing about pineapples is that they are really low-maintenance (totally my style), especially in a tropical setting like this with an abundance of rain, you barely even have to water them.  It baffles me how they form. I used to think they grew on trees or something. We once grew one at my mom's house in LA. It took roughly a year and a half or so before it was ready.  Now, as some of you may know I don't exactly have a green thumb (succulents, remember?) but you really can't mess this up.

Cut the top off, leaving maybe an inch or so of flesh.
Continue cutting as usual, but hey! Don't throw that out!
This sweet hat will magically transform into a brand new pineapple. Some people like to trim it and let it dry out for a few days, but you don't have to get that fancy. We just planted ours straight in the dirt and it worked out just fine.
Pick a nice spot in your yard with lots of sunlight. If you don't live in a place conducive to pineapple growing, just plant it in a pot and leave it by a window with plenty of sun. (note... I may have planted mine a bit close together)
Bury it up to its "neck", just covering the flesh of the fruit. The hole doesn't have to be so deep, just enough that the leaves stick out of the ground. Water it every few days, and within a year or two you'll have a beautiful sweet pineapple of your own!
Check back in 2 years to see how they turned out!


phileas "foggy memories" said...

very cool. so i'm guessing they won't be ready for the late march trip? haha. btw, I think I recognize a certain metropolitan mermaid color on your fingers? love you

SPYT said...

im starting to grow scales! haha. thought of you when we got it.

Vodka Latte Freshly Squeezed said...

Oh wow....I've tried this before...I planted it in a pot, and when it got too big I moved it to the garden, and all in all it was growing for a year....but then we moved, so I never got to find out if it ever bore fruit. I must try it again some time!!! Good luck with yours:) Did you ever try fresh pineapple rolled in a bit of curry powder? Deeeeeelicious:)

L0veLindsey said...

I love this.. but two years! Holy crap!

Kristin said...

LOVE THISSSSSSS Thanks sweet cheeks!

elena-anna said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh is so cool, great post i love it actually

Barbara said...

What an easy and great idea!!! Next time when I´m at my parents garden I will try it!!! :))

Love Barbara from