yo-ho-ho and a bottle of... rosé

A bit delayed, but we had a proper pirate party for my birthday aboard the mighty Altair!

Beginning with champagne breakfast, eggs Benedict for all,

Swing off the spinnaker pole, into the Tyrrhenian we fall!

Mojitos, champagne, and rosé down we guzzle,
The crew bands together and hands me a puzzle.
I set out on a hunt that would lead me to treasure
Limoncello after each clue was more than a pleasure

Into the bilge I go, to search and to plunder
Among boxes and tools, I was in a blunder...
I scratched me head and I looked towards the sky
X marks the spot! Ah, the crew be so sly...

Next I head off into the rental tender
Around mid-day of my birthday bender
Old daggers and shammies, but no X to be seen,
I nearly gave up, for I searched that boat clean!

But alas, pirate Pytka be not a quitter,
Next I enter a cave that be strewn with litter
A light on my head, the cave I explored
Another pirate success! And yet another shot poured

The next clue had me in a real pickle
For of an oily sea I knew not...

We drunk and we drunk
And I thunk and I thunk

Rum in me belly, feeling a bit tickled,
And I solved me birthday plot!!

(Yes, they misspelled my name, and it will forever be remembered on the dock of Amalfi.)

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Kristin said...

I am so glad you had an amazing birthday.... :) This looks like fun!