"You're such a brat!"

Being born on Bastille day, and having spent every single one of my birthdays in France for the past 13 years, I have always been spoiled with fireworks on my birthday.

Just 8 minutes shy of my 21st birthday, and my fireworks have followed me. After a beautiful dinner in a gorgeous Italian garden in the mountains at Hotel Caruso in Ravello with my sister and father, we were surprised with a fireworks show in the next bay over. We took the tender over, shut off the engine and sat back, clapping. My father turned to me, smiling. "You're such a brat..." Ah, I know. Happy birthday to me!


Guadalajara Joe! said...

feliz cumpleanos, sacha! you should go ride segways with your dad and sis- if you do please post pics!

Martine said...

Joyeux Anniversaire... un peu en retard mais avec plein de bisouxxxxxxxxx de la part de Martine, Jack, Max, Carolina et Roswell !!!! +Steph et Davis aussi !!!!
Juillet est un mois magnifique : si tu as fait 21 ans, mon Jack a fêté ses 5 ans, David 10ans de + que toi et la plus belle, CAROLINA... ses 1an !!! On a mangé des tonnes de gâteaux au chocolat, à la fraise, à la crème et.... on s'est bien amusés aussi - On pense à toi .... xxxxxx Martine