Panama Part II-Chiriqui

What if I told you there was a magical land with ponies and strawberries and hummingbirds and flowers and rainbows? Would you believe me? 

Welcome to Chiriqui, that enchanted place you dream of.  Chiriqui is the mountainous western province of Panama, bordering Costa Rica. We came here for Matthew's birthday in March and stayed at yet another eco-lodge, Los Quetzales in Guadalupe. It's a big bird-watching spot, if you're into that.

The website states that "the reserve has the highest lodging facilities in the country, and lies inside the primary cloud forest of Volcan Baru National Park..." Primary cloud forest? How ridiculous does that sound?

The cabins are scattered up the mountain. Ours required a 20-minute bumpy ride in a jeep and a 10-minute hike to get there (which was real fun when we arrived at night, with big bags, in the rain), but once you arrive you realize that its all worth it.

the hike
our view...
our cabin!

 The cabins don't have electricity, but they do have gas and hot water, which allowed for romantic meals cooked by candlelight

We sampled all the treats we could find by the side of the road and bought fresh berries which grow everywhere around here.

centurion... this horse was MASSIVE
succulents at Jardin Mary
I have a thing for succulents...

big ass bugs too!

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