Panama Part I-San Blas

Around this time last year, my boyfriend Matthew and I were sitting on his couch at home in Panama. It was roughly 10 pm and we decided to head off to San Blas the next day, so we booked our tickets right then and were on a plane the next morning at 5.

San Blas is a chain of islands on the northeast coast of Panama, home to the Kuna indians. The Kuna are the second shortest race of people on the planet. It was funny being around them, seeing as we are 6'1 and 6'5... They also have the highest rate of albinism and they see it as a gift. They call the albino kids 'moon children.'

landing in Playon Chico

our island... Sapibenega resort

 We didn't book any accommodations, but the locals were some of the friendliest and most helpful people I've ever encountered. They found us a place to stay at this incredible eco-resort called Sapibenega. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  They gave us our own charming wooden bohio over the water, with a private balcony, a hammock... What more could you need?

our bohio overlooking the ocean
locals on a hand made sailboat

The locals would free dive around the islands and catch us fresh lobster and crab for dinner (but bring your own butter! you cant find any there!) The hotel has cayucos (dug-out canoes) that you can use to explore the nearby islands.

tried to fish, but I caught the thatched roof.
Bridge of the Americas. flying back into the city over the Canal.

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