2009's burn
Burning Man gives me hope that one day, if you send up the right group of people, we could live on Mars. It's a wonderful environment to be in. Never have I been in a place with such good, loving energy. There is no exchange of money. There is no judgment. You will cross more than a few things that shock you, but it's all socially acceptable there.

You just dont feel like wearing clothes today?
Was that tent you just passed really called 'Orgasmatron'?
Someone just invited you for drinks at 'Camp Beaverton for Wayward Girls'? 

This may not be your scene at Burning Man, but it's not hard to find something that suits your fancy.
Everyone is there for something different, but they come with the same purpose. I mean, there are a few weirdos here and there, (what can you expect from 50,000 people who all migrate to the desert for a week, I guess we're all a little weird) but you find yourself interacting with SO many different people that you would never encounter otherwise. Take our neighbors last year, the owner of a gym in Reno and the ex-mormon 46-year old mother of 6, grandmother of 4 who wore nothing but spanky pants, thigh high boots and rhinestones on the tips of her nipples, would I have ever expected dancing with them to crazy techno until the wee dawn hours? Probably not.

friends from last year, mike and orchid with me and tom

My Top 3 Burning Man Tips for Beginners

Nothing can escape the high-alkaline dust at Burning Man. Last year I brought an amazing pair of cowboy boots, and the leather hasn't recovered since. If one week at Burning Man can destroy tough vintage leather, think of what your feet would look like if you frolicked around the playa in sandals! Protect your feet and pack lots of extra socks.

Burning Man is huge.  It's hot.  You don't want to walk.  Trust me.  Also, bring a lock. I'm all about the positive trust vibes and all but we've had 2 bikes stolen while we were out dancing. 

This isn't merely decorative, it's a safety issue.  You're in the desert and there are a lot of people (on a lot of drugs) and no lights.  You want to be seen, so might as well go crazy and pile on the glow bracelets. Or anything else that blinks, glows, flashes, or lights up for that matter.  Do the same to your bike.

Last year's ride..... came unhitched going downhill, what an adventure.

We decided not to bring last year's Airstream.  After an eventful drive back last time, we chose to take it easy this time and just rent a trailer in Reno. A last minute craigslist find landed us this beauty... the Golden Falcon.  We also scored a foosball table for $40.

It's tricky to choose your pace in Black Rock City. You can literally be up at any time and find a hundred things to do.  Art installations, seminars, parties, workshops...  Our days were spent biking around the playa, dancing at day parties like Pink Mammoth and DISTRIKT. Our nights were spent, yet again, biking around the playa, bar-hopping (Burningdales was my favorite), whoopin ass and taking names playing Tetris on a mega screen, even stopping by Black Rock Diner for some late night grilled cheese sandwiches.

This year's temple.

This one is for my french girls... missed you this year.

One of my favorite mutant vehicles, a fire breathing lobster dragon.

OK, quick side note.  When you pack, remember that it gets COLD on the playa at night. I was so excited when I packed that I forgot to bring pants... Of course. Luckily I brought these crazy socks, so I improvised and made sock pseudo-pants.

You can imagine I was pretty stoked to find this installation at night. 

In an effort to get rid of all our extra food and drink, we set up a bar on Friday afternoon.
We made a cooler full of lovely made-up cocktail: Tea, coconut vodka, rum, a little lemonade and pineapple juice. The color was questionable but the flavor was undeniably delicious. We also served up cold beers, gatorade, water, quesadillas and bananas. I know those last two don't make sense but we had alot of extra and everyone ate them anyway.

Paid a visit to the 9 Medical Camp to say Hi to Dan! Valerie wish you came with your pops!


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