Belgium is to France as Canada is to the USA.  You make fun of them a little cause they talk funny, but when you get there it really isn't very different.  I finally made it up to Brussels this week for the first time, a quick hour and fifteen minute train ride from Paris, and I don't know why I never went before. It's a city that's easy to get around, and fun to get lost in. The purpose of the trip was to visit Nemo33, the world's deepest indoor pool (33m deep), but we made sure to check out what else Brussels had to offer.

the first statue we saw upon arrival... suiting!
Grand Place
Best friends forever at Parc de Bruxelles

While we didn't wind up eating any waffles, chocolate, or french fries drenched in mayo, we did sample a lot of local brews.  At first I had a little trouble straying from my favorite, Chimay bleu (I was in the motherland! I couldn't help it!) but after-dinner drinks at Delirium cafe changed all that. With over 2000 beers to choose from, we decided to narrow it down and sit at the bar, where they have 27 local beers on tap. A few good tips to our bartender and he helped us narrow it down even more, by providing samples of almost every beer they had.

Cool old-school dive gear at Nemo 33


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