The multi talented + super rad designer Justina Blakeney featured my home on her blog! I bookmarked her last year when I came across her Valentine's Day Fort, not realizing we have mutual friends until a while later. 

Right away, I related to her love of thrifting and upcycling (I LOVE projects!) and I've been super inspired by her 'Jungalow' concept of bringing more plants into your home.  I've since made an indoor garden (more on that later) and stepped my game up outside too, planting more herbs, lavender, and succulents.  I can't tell you how proud I was when a friend recently came onto my patio and said "It's jungle status out here Sach." 

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diane said...

wow, the coolest place ever! i'm renovating my space and you just gave me good ideas. thanks! :)